Thursday, January 17, 2013


This split release showcases two new projects featuring members of Irish doom band Wreck of the Hesperus. 

Ordnance is a duo of Andrew Cunningham and Cathal Rodgers. While the sound bears some of the murky hallmarks of WOTH, this project is influenced by the underground black metal of Ride for Revenge and Beherit. And whereas Raymond Keenaghan's liquid drumming is a signature aspect of the parent band, here it's replaced with a pounding, martial drum machine. The atmosphere is one of crushing negativity and sardonic contempt, with serpentine riffs that seem to mock any semblance of hope.

Fans of Rodgers' drone and noise work might not be surprised to learn that solo project Spermicidal is a further step away from familiar territory. The drum machine remains but recognisable riffs are largely replaced with searing sheets of atonal guitar noise. In the absence of  landmarks, the listener is left stranded in a disorientating landscape of hissed, liminal vocals and frigid atmospheres. Reaching the end of this side is akin to awaking from a nightmare, unable to recall specifics but left with a feeling of profound unease. 

Fort Evil Fruit accepts no responsibility for any existential distress or damage to sanity resulting from exposure to these recordings. You are alone in an indifferent universe. 


1. Millstone Cosmos I (4.28) / 2. Millstone Cosmos II  (5.28)
3. Cold Corners, Warm Blood I  (4.52)  / 
4. Cold Corners, Warm Blood II   (7.27)

Written and recorded by AC & CR


1. Maggots   (3.20) / 2. Slime  (2.53) / 
3. Defragmentation   (13.03)   / 4. Leeching   (4.14)

Music and lyrics by Spermicidal
Recorded and mixed by Cathal Rodgers in the Banagher Caves May - November 2012

Cover art by Sophie Penrose

Numbered edition of 100. Includes download code.

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