Thursday, June 12, 2014


Ernesto González and Glen Steenkiste are members of Belgian psych freaks Silvester Anfang II, and record solo as Bear Bones Lay Low and Helvete respectively. Dimly Lit follows cassettes on Feathered Coyote and Eiderdown Records and a couple of self-released CDRs.

Though their acoustic drone is transcendental in intent, this is very physical music, achieved by constant motion - wheezing harmonium bellows, resinous violin bowing and rattling prayer bowls. The duo's musicality and attention to tone, texture and pace make for a richly colourful listen that sounds different on every spin. Drone that's more likely to get you punching the air than nodding off.

Cover art features two paintings by Christian Schoppik
Edition of 100.

Side One
1) Path of the Beam (17:25)

Side Two
2) Thinner Than Air (7:30)

All music recorded between 2012 and 2013 at The Smokey Room, Sint-Denijs by González & Steenkiste.


This is the debut release from the duo (named in tribute to Father Ted) of Tusco Terror's Nathan Bowers (aka Coagulator) and Derek Gedalecia (best known as Headboggle). The latter's predilection for unlikely instrumental combinations is evident in a mix of nylon-string guitar plucking and modular synth mayhem, making for an exhilarating and disorientating acoustic ambiguity. Hallucinatory, mischievous and raw. This EP-length tape features one studio and one live track.

Side 1: Studio (8:49)
Side 2: Live (9:58)

Recorded in 2013.
Edition of 50.

WRECK OF THE HESPERUS - Long Streak of Misery - FEF25 - 2nd edition now available

Two years on from the release of the Terminal Eulogy demo comp, we continue to gather the scattered leavings of Ireland's filthiest doom urchins with the first of two collections of WOTH's non-album releases. This volume compiles the ultra-limited Rotism CDR, their sides of the split 10"s with Mourning Beloveth and De Novissimis, a pair of compilation tracks, and the previously unreleased A Terminal Dirge. 

The result is an hour of aural abjection that shows the trio's disinterest in adhering to palatable doom conventions. Instead they wallow in diseased drone, abyssal reverb and murky black noise as they drill towards the core of existential squalor. 

"I marshalled the words and opened my mouth, thinking I would hear them. But all I heard was a kind of rattle, unintelligible even to me who knew what was intended". - Samuel Beckett

Side 1
1. Raw Sewage Heart (11.54)
2. Venomous Tentacles (5:39)
3. Misery is the River of the World (12:12)

Side 2
1. Utter Rot (9:43)
2. Rotism (14:12)
3. A Terminal Dirge (5:51) - previously unreleased

All tracks performed by Ray Keenaghan, Andy Cunningham and Cathal Rodgers 2005 - 2008.

Raw Sewage Heart recorded to 4-track by Cathal Rodgers, 2007.
Mixed by Cathal Rodgers in the Banagher Caves.
Originally released by Stitchy Press as a split 10" with De Novissismis.

Venomous Tentacles recorded and mixed at Shay's Studio by Shay Leon, 2005.
Originally released on the Underground Movement Intoxicated 4 compilation.

Misery Is The River Of The World recorded to 4-track by Cathal Rodgers, 2008.
Mixed by Cathal Rodgers in the Banagher Caves.
Originally released by Sentinel Records as a split 10" with Mourning Beloveth.
Written by Kathleen Brennan and Tom Waits, with additional music by Wreck of the Hesperus.

Utter Rot recorded to 4-track by Cathal Rodgers, 2005.
Mixed at Shay's Studio by Shay Leon and Cathal Rodgers.
Originally released on the Totalrust Asymmetry compilation.

Rotism recorded to 4-track by Cathal Rodgers, 2008.
Mixed by Cathal Rodgers in the Banagher Caves.
Originally released by Idrone Park as a limited CDr.

A Terminal Dirge recorded and mixed by Cathal Rodgers, dates unknown.
Previously unreleased.