Thursday, November 27, 2014

CHIODATA - Dymensu - FEF31

Claudio Cisterna from Santiago has released a couple of fine tapes on Metaphysical Circuits under the name Jon Claudio. 

Chiodata is a new project that combines analogue and digital synthesis and editing in a style he defines as "baroque ambient".  The constantly shifting liquid palette of sounds reflects a multitude of points along the synth continuum, from 60s electroacoustic experimentation, to 70s Kosmische and the present day explorations of OPN.

Side One
1) Infliga Theoretical (4:13)
2) Croyances (4:32)
3) Cossiva (4:18)
4) Fidesea (4:44)

Side Two
1) The Gategua (2:28)
2) Autumnal (5:13)
3) Sagamor (3:42)
4) The Agalibu (5:11)

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All tracks by Claudio Cisterna. 
Santiago, Chile 2012-2013

Edition of 75

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