Tuesday, May 24, 2016

OVIS AURUM - Nocturnal Pools - FEF48

Based in Austin, TX, Ovis Aurum is also a member of duos Boa (with BAT) and Ixtab (with Blood Room), and has released music on labels such as Tymbal Tapes and Seagrave. 
Nocturnal Pools consists of deeply atmospheric, understated but vividly tactile electronics, evoking urban spaces both overpopulated and abandoned. 

Side 1 
1. Telburna Dunes (6:33) 
2. Nature Is Not Your Friend (6:59) 
3. Disperss (4:16) 
4. Nocturnal Pools (6:43) 

Side 2 
1. Pink Dream (4:09) 
2. Form Perfect (6:36) 
3. Local Weather (4:01) 
4. Aurifer (7:15) 

Written / recorded by Gary James Geiler 
Cover photo by Gavin Prior
Gratitude to Paul, Kev, Tim 
For Wilda, Jessie, Arthur, Val, Tex, CH, MB, Stub

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